Solo/Small Law isn't Synonymous with Loneliness

Solo/Small Law isn’t Synonymous with Loneliness

Many of you are most likely familiar with Celine Dion’s “All by Myself” or Harry Nilsson’s “One (is the Loneliest Number),” but if these songs have become the theme to your life as a solo practitioner or owner of a small law firm, then you taken a significant step in the wrong direction.

Without a doubt, owning your own solo or small law firm can feel isolating in comparison with being a part of a large firm surrounded by other attorneys. Nevertheless, this feeling should be one that you don’t normally experience, because if you are doing things right, you should be interacting with people every minute of every day.

Loneliness and a sense of isolation from the outside world can only occur if you are sitting in your office doing nothing. If you are networking, meeting with referrals, taking calls or meetings with clients, or interacting with your employees to manage the office and client affairs, then you can’t ever be lonely. In short, if your doors and phone lines are open, then you are making money, which means you must be interacting in some form or fashion with people all day every day. However, if you aren’t, here is one simple step you can take to shatter your sense of isolation and consequently increase your practice’s revenue.

Get Up, Get Out and Interact

That’s right. All you need to do is get up and get out. If you find that you are spending your days alone in your office, change your daily routine. Leave the office and interact with the world, both personally and professionally. You should be marketing and networking anyway to increase revenue and promote business, so just be more active about it. Go to lunches with referrals. Play a round of golf. Meet for breakfasts or after-dinner drinks. Attend meetings and get-togethers where you can not only network, but where you can also glean professional insight and support.

If after filling your work days with more activity you still find yourself feeling isolated, step up the activity of your personal life. Become more active socially through community centers, churches, clubs or the media. Find out what’s happening in your city on a given night or weekend and go check it out. Just be social, whether in a professional or personal capacity, and you will find that your sense of isolation will dissipate. And you know what else will begin to disappear? Your struggle to bring in clients and money, because if you are out there making contacts, then you are most certainly getting more referrals and more clients, which naturally equals more revenue flowing in through your doors. It’s a win-win situation, really, so start now!

The bottom line is quite simple: get off your ass, out of your office and into the world. Make contacts. Make friends. Build your social and professional life, and you will find that you are simultaneously building your practice. At the end of the day, there is no reason why you should feel isolated. If you do, the blame really lies with you. So just go out and be social. You will be glad you did.


Jared Pierce hung his own shingle right out of law school and has spent every minute since then discovering the joys and difficulties of chasing success. Anyone who has ever met Jared will tell you h

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