Practice Management Link Roundup

Practice Management Link Roundup for April 19th, 2017.

Law Practice Management For Solo and Small Law Firms.

Management: Book Review: Making the Case for Metrics in Managing Small Law Firms

Management: When Should Employers Hire People Just Like Themselves?

Management: Building a Firm of Finders

Management: Now Is the Time to Get the Law Practice You Deserve.

Productivity: The "N" Word

Clients: Six Ways You're Creating a "One & Done" Client

Clients: What Job Is Your Client Hiring You to Do?

Advertising: How To Do Keyword Research in 2017

Web: SEO checklist for your law firm's new website.

Solos: Creative Goal Setting for Improving Your Solo Practice

Solos: This Is a Business as Much as a Practice

New Lawyers: Problem Solving Framework for New Lawyers.

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