Podcast: SL@P 006 - Creating an Amazing Client Experience

Podcast: SL@P 006 - Creating an Amazing Client Experience

Creating an Amazing Client Experience

If you hope to build a practice that can create sustainable income for you and your team, you have to be focusing on creating an epic client experience.

I am not talking about making sure that the client likes their outcome. I am talking about making sure that your clients love you and your team, even if the outcome is rubbish.

When was the last time you got thanked by a client for doing an amazing job and having an amazing team, even though you couldn’t deliver the results the client wanted or needed? I don’t imagine it was recently.

It has been my long-standing opinion that client loyalty in the classic sense is a myth that lawyers have created to feel comfortable. And we all know that comfort breeds laziness. Client loyalty is never completely earned; it is maintained from day to day, week to week and month to month. But gaining some traction with clients starts with ensuring that they have an amazing experience with you and everyone on your team.

If your practice is delivering amazing client experiences and interactions, you can count on those same clients being open to re-engaging your services in the future if the time and opportunity is right. This increase to the number of times you are re-engaged by your former clients is called “lifetime value.” It is fair to say that practices that have high lifetime values are typically the most profitable.

More than offering a pleasant client experience and having polite interactions with your clients, positive and productive client experiences define your services in your client’s mind. Your goal should be to ensure that your client is blown out of the water at each phase of the client life-cycle. A typical client life-cycle looks something like this:

The Potential Client Arrives
For most practice areas, potential clients land in your office after there is a problem. For example, Ricky got caught diddling a goat again and got thrown in the pokey and charged with a crime. Ricky calls a lawyer when Ricky has a problem. Well, a legal problem.

Potential clients may be looking for information or a free consult, but “wow” them into seeing that there is more. At Wallace Pierce Law, our most satisfied callers are those clients whose cases we reject. We have a rejection funnel that aims to ensure that, next time, they call us.

Getting Hired
Ask yourself how you can make the retainer signing experience monumental for the client. How can you show your soon-to-be client that your firm does things differently?

Before I turned to practicing personal injury almost exclusively, I allowed criminal clients to decide how much they paid for our service. I gave them a range of what clients typically pay depending on the complexity of the matter and the various other controlling factors, and I asked them what they could afford and why. This builds trust.

What are you doing during representation to ensure that your client has a brilliant experience? I am not talking about fighting for their legal interests or researching the law thoroughly. You should be doing that anyway. What are you doing to tell and show the client that they matter, that you are available, that you understand their needs and that you give a damn.

We need to be focusing on what clients want and need and aim to deliver an experience that leaves the client wanting to refer friends and family to you. My single most profitable networking relationship is a client whose case I resolved four years ago. I have not represented him since. This client was not a friend or a family member. The client was referred to me from another lawyer, and this client loves our service enough to have kept our name on his lips for the last four years. He tells everyone that I can help and what I did for him.

This isn’t game theory or fancy new-age business advice. This is simple. Offer amazing service and ensure that, regardless of the outcome, the clients know you and know you care about their needs.


Jared Pierce hung his own shingle right out of law school and has spent every minute since then discovering the joys and difficulties of chasing success. Anyone who has ever met Jared will tell you h

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