March 7, 2017 - Court of Appeals Opinions

Court of Appeals Opinions – March 7, 2017

Published Opinions

Published Opinions from March 7, 2017 – Published Opinion for 2017-03-07

Case Title / Description
Harris v. N.C. Dep’t of Pub. Safety (16-341)
Standard of review of decision of ALJ; just cause; unacceptable personal conduct; use of force; NCGS 150B-51; NCGS 126-34.02

Key Risk Ins. Co. v. Peck (16-872)
Third party workers’ compensation claim – NCGS 97-10.2; Motion to substitute a party; Rule 17(a) Real party in interest; Abuse of discretion.

Krause v. RK Motors, LLC (16-911)
Interlocutory appeal.

Murray v. Moody (16-763)
Workers’ Compensation, N.C. Gen. Stat. 97-10.2(j), Determination of workers’ compensation lien on judgment that employee obtained against third-party tortfeasor, Res Judicata.

Rountree v. Chowan Cty. (16-555)
Negligent misrepresentation, summary judgment.

State v. Babich (16-762)
DWI; Expert Testimony; Retrograde Extrapolation; Rule 702 and Daubert Fit Test.

State v. Jefferson (16-745)
Miller v. Alabama, individualized sentencing, Eighth Amendment.

State v. Parlier (16-724)
Miranda, Rape Shield Statute, custodial interrogation

State v. Phillips (16-601)
Attempt to Obtain Property by False Pretenses; Motion to Dismiss

State v. Stroud (16-59)
Felony murder; substantial evidence; plain error; underlying felonies

State v. Swink (16-89)
Waiver of right to jury trial, knowing and voluntary

State v. Varner (16-591)
Misdemeanor child abuse; corporal punishment; jury instruction regarding moderate punishment

State v. Williams (16-592)
Sentencing for possession of two Schedule I substances under N.C. Gen. Stat. § 90-89; denial of motion to suppress

The Times News Publ’g Co. v. The Alamance-Burlington Bd. of Educ. (16-588)
Public Records Act; Open Meetings Law; public records request for access to minutes or general account of school board meeting

Thompson v. Town of White Lake (16-104)
Standards of Review of Board of Adjustment Decisions; Motion to dismiss and final judgments; Zoning decisions.

Ward v. Ward (16-832)
Implied-in-fact contract; equitable powers; partition

Unpublished Opinions

Unpublished Opinions from March 7, 2017 – Unpublished Opinion for 2017-03-07

Doe v. Catawba Coll. (16-394)
judgment on the pleadings; NCGS § 1A-1, Rule 12(c)

Grubbs v. Grubbs (16-129)
Rule 11 Sanctions.

In re: C.P., C.P., J.C., J.T. (16-808)
Guardian appointment; Parent’s constitutional rights; Best interest of the juvenile; Verification of guardian’s resources; N.C. Gen. Stat. Section 7B-600(c).

In re: R.A.S. (16-805)
Juvenile delinquency; Sexual battery; Subject matter jurisdiction.

Lee v. Collins (16-789)
Summary judgment; dog bite; premature; genuine issue of material fact

Snyder v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. (16-309)
Workers’ compensation disability benefits; reasonable efforts to obtain employment; sufficiency of finding

State v. Baker (16-453)
Motion to dismiss; Serious physical injury.

State v. Baker (16-645)
Motion to Suppress, statutory mandate

State v. Bouknight (16-544)
Motion to suppress, Terry frisk, reasonable suspicion, criminal history

State v. Brooks (16-674)
Sale and delivery of cocaine; Motion to Dismiss; Fatal variance

State v. Carlton (16-880)
Anders brief following Alford plea; misdemeanor assault on a government official, N.C. Gen. Stat. Section 14-33(c)(4).

State v. Dominguez (16-919)
Motion to preserve evidence; Anders v. California.

State v. Edwards (16-974)
safecracking, NCGS 14-89.1(b)unlawfully removes; acting in concert; motion to dismiss for insufficient evidence.

State v. Hill (16-744)
Lay opinion testimony; fatal indictments; jury instructions

State v. Holden (16-685)
Felony breaking and entering; Lesser included offense; Ineffective assistance of counsel.

State v. Hostetler (16-680)
Defendant’s right to appeal following a guilty plea, N.C. Gen. Stat. Section 15A-1444(a2); subject matter jurisdiction; State’s motion to dismiss defendant’s appeal.

State v. Isley (16-401)
Motion in Limine; Motion to Suppress

State v. Lance (16-731)
Impasse; Trial Tactics; Motion to Continue

State v. Moose (16-867)
False pretenses; Motion to dismiss; Circumstantial evidence.

State v. Morison (16-942)
Anders brief following Alford plea; writ of certiorari; defendant’s right to appeal following a guilty plea, N.C. Gen. Stat. Section 15A-1444; possession of a firearm by a felon, N.C. Gen. Stat. Section 14-415.1; State’s motion to dismiss defendant’s appeal.

State v. Muhammad (16-306)
Motion to suppress; Preservation of issues; Constitutional objection; Ineffective assistance of counsel.

State v. Oxner (16-859)
Denial of motion to suppress; redacted search warrant application; lay opinion testimony on Defendant’s guilt; hearsay evidence ABC permit database; plain error review; Rule 2.

State v. Roa (16-769)
Consolidation of offenses, N.C. Gen. Stat. Section 15A-1340.15(b); Clerical error in the judgment

State v. Rojas (16-802)
Traffic Stop; Dog Sniff.

State v. Santana (16-691)
Motion to Dismiss; Sufficient Evidence.

State v. Saunders (16-825)
Discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle that is in operation, N.C. Gen. Stat. Section 14-34.1(b); Knowledge requirement.

State v. Shepherd (16-935)
Presentation of issue on appeal; Substantial Evidence.

State v. Williams (16-855)

State v. Williamson (16-820)
Indecent liberties with a child; question from the jury; consent to supplemental jury instruction; deficient performance of counsel.


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