March 21, 2017 - Court of Appeals Opinions

Court of Appeals Opinions – March 21, 2017

Published Opinions

Published Opinions from March 21, 2017 – Published Opinion for 2017-03-07

Case Title / Description
Bell v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. (15-1299)
Workers' Compensation; Compensable Injury; Causal Relationship; Compensation Benefits; Trial Return to Work; Sanctions.

Harris & Hilton, P.A. v. Rassette (16-809)
Rule 3.7 of NC Rules of Professional Conduct; necessary witness; witness-advocate rule.

Hildebran Heritage & Dev. Ass'n, Inc. v. The Town of Hildebran (16-568)
Open meetings law; Partial directed verdict; Attorney's fees.

In re: R.P., Jr. (16-856)
Permanency planning review hearing requirements; constitutionally protected status of parents; requirement that a parent be found unfit for a change in guardianship placement.

Lund v. Lund (16-813)
Equitable distribution;appeal after remand; value of marital residence; law of the case.

Meinck v. City of Gastonia (16-892)
Governmental immunity; lease of premises to private entity; proprietary function; slip and fall; contributory negligence; summary judgment.

Porter v. Porter (16-329)
equitable distribution order, classification and valuation, distributive award.

Rittelmeyer v. Univ. of N. Carolina at Chapel Hill (15-1228)
ADA, termination.

State v. Bradford (16-988)
Jury Instructions; Flight; Clerical Error.

State v. Burris (16-238)
motion to suppress, self-incriminating statement, custodial interrogation, warrantless blood test.

State v. Fink (16-934)
larceny by employee; NCGS 14-74; identity of the employer; fatal variance; Rule 404 (b) evidence; Rule 403 prejudice.

State v. Garner (16-289)
Failure to specify an entity capable of owning property on a larceny indictment; arresting judgment without express justification for doing so; double-jeopardy related arrest of judgment.

State v. Jacobs (16-464)
Evidence - Rule 412(b).

State v. Walker (16-109)
Preservation of an argument on appeal; sufficiency of the evidence; general motion to dismiss for sufficiency of the evidence; specific argument for a motion to dismiss for sufficiency of the evidence.

Terrell v. Kernersville Chrysler Dodge, LLC (16-429)
Denial of motion to compel arbitration

Wolski v. NC Div. of Motor Vehicles (16-702)
Driver's license revocation, implied-consent offense, affidavit modification, refusal to submit to testing

Unpublished Opinions

Unpublished Opinions from March 21, 2017 – Unpublished Opinion for 2017-03-21

Case Title / Description
Crews v. Paysour (16-604)
Modification of Child Support Order; Subject Matter Jurisdiction; Trial Court Misapprehension of the Law.

Crocker v. Transylvania Cty. DSS (16-875)
Undisclosed Witness; Just Cause for Termination.

Cty. of Harnett v. Rogers (16-757)
Fraud, reasonable reliance, unfair and deceptive trade practices, market participant interactions, summary judgment motion.

E.on v. Hedgepeth (15-982)
Statute of Limitations; Injury to Incorporeal Hereditament; Adverse Possession under Color of Title.

Henderson v. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Bd. of Educ. (16-977)
Untimely Notice of Appeal; Dismissal.

In re: C.C., C.C., C.C. (16-971)
termination of parental rights, dneial of motion for continuance, grounds to terminate - dependency.

In re: E.P.H. (16-663)
Termination of Parental Rights - Willful Abandoment.

In re: G.W., E.W. & J.W. (16-857)
termination of parental rights.

In re: I.S.D. & A.N.A. (16-824)
Cessation of reunification efforts; Termination of parental rights.

In re: M.B. (16-788)
Juveniles, Adjudication of Neglect.

In re: M.B. (16-866)
TPR; reunification efforts; visitation.

In re: N.G.H. (16-896) Opinion not available
Termination of Parental rights, Trial Court's Findings were Insufficient to Support its Legal Conclusion that Termination of Respondent-Mother's Parental Rights were warranted Under N.C. Gen. Stat. 7B-1111(a)(2).

In re: G.G.R. (16-898)
Trial court applied improper standard in dismissing DSS neglect/dependency petition.

In Re: G.S. & C.G. (16-648)
Cessation of reunification efforts; Guardianship appointment; N.C. Gen. Stat. Section 7B-600(c).

In re: S.M.C. & V.M.J.C. (16-681)
Termination of parental rights; Subject Matter Jurisdiction.

In re: T.E., K.E., Jr. (16-981)
interlocutory; neglected juvenile.

Kaska v. Progressive Universal Ins. Co. (16-729)
Physical contact requirement under uninsured motorist statute.

Lewis v. Hedgepeth (15-706)
Joinder of Necessary Parties; Interlocutory Appeal.

Lewis v. Hedgepeth (15-914)
Statute of Limitations; Injury to Incorporeal Hereditament; Adverse Possession under Color of Title.

McLean v. King (16-624)
Civil contempt; child custody; visitation.

Stamey v. Stamey (16-843)
Child Custody Modification; Contempt.

State v. Andrews (16-772)
Elements of Felony Larceny from the Person.

State v. Broyles (16-853)
DWI; sentencing; aggravating factor.

State v. Echeverria (16-673)
First degree murder, jury instruction, premeditation and deliberation.

State v. Farrar (16-679)
Admission of Testimony at Trial; Prejudicial Error.

State v. Glisson (16-517)
motion to continue; ineffective assistance of counsel; first-degree murder.

State v. Hensley (16-695)
sentencing; probation point; NCGS § 15A-1340.16(a6).

State v. Morris (16-643)
Motion for mistrial; Sex offender registration; Aggravated offense; Satellite-based monitoring; Ineffective assistance of counsel.

State v. O'Shields (16-822)
Competency to Stand Trial; Challenge to Jury Instructions.

State v. Pye (16-754)
Motion to suppress, DWI, reasonable suspicion, driver's license checkpoint, three-point turn.

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