Podcast: SL@P 011 - How to Increase Productivity By Managing Your Email

Podcast: SL@P 011 - How to Increase Productivity By Managing Your Email

How to Increase Productivity By Managing Your Email


I have recently been thinking quite a bit about how I can increase productivity and output for 2017. This line of thought got thinking about my own email habits and realized how much of my life and my practice is controlled or managed through or by email. After the shock and awe receded, I decided to take to the Internet and find some apps to help solve my giant email dilemma. Without a doubt, I get a lot of crap email. To help tackle this problem I found the following apps:


Unroll me is free and is designed to relieve your inbox by unsubscribing you from all the newsletters you’ve subscribed to over the years. But instead of having to manually go in and unsubscribe and give your reasons for doing so (like many apps now require) Unroll.me, lets you mass unsubscribe from all the newsletters you don’t read.

You can either wipe the slate clean and unsubscribe from everything at once, or you can pick and choose. Unroll.me is currently supported by Outlook.com, Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, and iCloud.

So besides dealing with tons of subscriptions, I tend to send a lot of emails that say the same or similar thing. While I am an avid user of gmail templates, I assumed that if my smart phone can autocorrect my spelling, maybe my desktop can autofill my generic emails. So, given that I type a lot of the same words, sentences or text fairly often and gmail templates aren’t flexible, I decided to look for another app. I found Text Expander.

Text Expander

Text expander allows you to assign a short-cut key that is used to copy in text you have already created. It can be used in email but can also be used in other areas e.g. Word Document.

Installing Text Expander allows you to create a series of templates (or snippets of text) that you want to use within your emails so when you are typing, you can call on these templates.

So whether you are emailing, typing a pleading, or simply chatting on Slack, Text Expander can save you a significant amount of time and energy typing out common phrases, sentences or responses. Its like having hundreds of pieces of text ready to cut and paste.


Another great email tool is Boomerang. Boomerang allows you to draft an email and send it immediately or schedule it to be sent later. Additionally, Boomerang allows to to archive an email for later review. If you chose to archive an email for later, the email will appear as an unread email in your inbox at the date and time that you select. This can allow you to push certain or select issues to the top of tomorrow’s to-do list. Boomerang is free.


The final product that is worth investigating is Sanebox. Sanebox works with any email client to create new folders. When a new email comes in, Sanebox analyzes and learns from your interactions with your inbox how to classify and file your emails. Important emails are kept in your inbox and spam gets sent to SaneBlackHole. I thought I would enjoy this program a lot more but found it difficult to get used to. I thought I would enjoy the freedom that Sanebox brought by doing the thinking for me, but frankly I found it less than helpful and maybe I am not that ready to give up control of my inbox.


Jared Pierce hung his own shingle right out of law school and has spent every minute since then discovering the joys and difficulties of chasing success. Anyone who has ever met Jared will tell you h

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