Podcast: SL@P 009 - Developing Your Client Relations Skills

Podcast: SL@P 009 - Developing Your Client Relations Skills

Developing Your Client Relations Skills

Developing your client relations skills is essential to your law firm’s success. Depending on the area of law in which you practice, clients can be under an extreme amount of pressure and stress while shopping for legal counsel. As such, it is paramount to create an environment of trust and confidence with your new or potential clients. Moreover, representation can last for years. This podcast explores the skills and techniques that sophisticated law firms should are employing to keep clients satisfied for the long haul.

Possibly the most significant skill your practice can master is being able to clearly communicate your understanding of the client’s complicated legal situation. By making sure you have an appropriate tone and attitude towards your clients, you can ensure that your clients know that you understand their personal and legal needs and wants.

Be sure to strive towards better communication with your clients. One of the reasons why my office, Wallace Pierce Law, employs a Client Relations Manager is to make sure the clients know that we are aiming to offer the best client experience possible by being available and constantly keeping the clients informed about what is happening in their case.

Another skill that we are constantly attempting to improve on is trying to understand where the clients are in their lives outside of their legal case. Tracking the client’s employment status, birthdays, births or any other significant life event is a way to stay relevant and relatable to your clients.

This  has the added benefit of allowing their lawyer to better understand the client’s personal matters in the hopes that this information is helpful to their legal issues. For example, if the lawyer knows that the client has seizures, it may help with their DWI claim or if the client has young children, it may help with their claim for pain and suffering in their personal injury case. Information about your clients can be valuable, even it is is personal in nature.


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