April 4, 2017 - Court of Appeals Opinions

Court of Appeals Opinions – April 4, 2017

Published Opinions

Published Opinions from April 4, 2017 – Published Opinion for 2017-04-04

Case Title / Description

State v. Rice (16-906)
stolen firearms; constructive possession

Brackett v. Thomas (16-912)
DWI; willful refusal of chemical test; administrative review; NCGS 20-16.2

Conleys Creek Ltd. P'ship v. Smoky Mountain Country Club Prop. Owners Ass'n (16-647)
Dispute between developer/declarant and property owners, summary judgment, Rule 12(b)(6), Planned Community Act, breach of contract, breach of good faith and fair dealing, breach of fiduciary duty

Hewitt v. Hewitt (16-16)
Constructive Fraud; Confidential Relationship; Fiduciary Relationship

In re: L.L.O. (16-1098)
Termination of parental rights; NCGS 7B-1111(a)(1); NCGS 7B-1111(a)(2); findings of fact; conclusions of law; stream of consciousness.

In re: J.K. (16-823)
clerical error, NCGS 7B-911

In re: T.N. (16-1011)
UCCJEA; NCGS 50A-201 et seq.; jurisdiction; termination of parental rights.

Kelley v. Kelley (16-425)
Denial of summary judgment; interlocutory appeal affecting substantial right; modification of a separation agreement; void ab initio contract, equal dignity; estoppel.

State v. Spruiell (16-639)
Motion for appropriate relief; ineffective assistance of appellate counsel; felony murder; merger doctrine; discharging weapon into occupied property

State v. Wright (16-1017)
Armed robbery; endanger or threaten life of victim; fear of victim

Watlington v. Dep't of Soc. Servs. Rockingham Cty. (16-1038)
State Human Resources Act, NCGS 126-1 et seq; Title 25, Subchapters I and J of NC Administrative Code; ALJ required findings of fact and conclusions of law; just cause to terminate; back pay for procedural violation.

Unpublished Opinions

Unpublished Opinions from April 4, 2017 – Unpublished Opinion for 2017-04-04

Case Title / Description

Crabtree v. Smith (16-864)
Motion to dismiss; Statute of Limitations; Unfair debt collection practices; Unfair trade practices; Motion to amend.

In re: A.M.D. (16-943)
termination of parental rights, failure to make reasonable progress

In re: A.P. & E.P. (16-931)
Injurious Environment; Neglected Juvenile; Substantial Risk of Impairment

In re: A.S. (16-1077)
Neglect; Injurious environment

In re: C.M.B., J.D.B., R.D.J., T.R.N, R.Z.C. (16-952)
Termination of parental rights; willful abandonment

In re: Gupton (16-835)
Pre-foreclosure certification; Evidence at Hearing; Holder of a Note

In re: J.L.J. & J.L.J. (16-1085)
Termination of parental rights; no merits brief; incarceration of parent

In re: K.S.B. & J.U.F.B. (16-894)
TPR; guardian ad litem; incompetent adult; neglect

In re: Smith (16-882)
involuntary commitment; dangerous to himself or others

In re: D.R. & B.N. (16-994)
neglect; best interests; reunification; visitation

In re: J.H. & J.H., Jr. (16-897)
Termination of parental rights; motion to continue; best interests determination

Se. Real Est. & Disc. Co. v. Bank of NC (16-633)
Motion to Dismiss; Assumption of lease

State v. Carroll (16-986)
First-degree Murder; Petition for Writ of Certiorari; Motion to Locate and Preserve Evidence and for DNA Testing

State v. Castaneda-Pena (16-806)
Motion to Suppress; Automobile Exception

State v. Crews (16-902)
Second-degree Trespass; Frivolous Appeal

State v. Hart (16-784)
Motion in Limine; Rule 403; Abuse of Discretion

State v. Johnson (16-907)
Clerical Error; Identity Theft; Possession of Cocaine; Habitual Felon

State v. Lam (16-651)
Probationary Period; Petition for Writ of Certiorari; Motion to Suppress

State v. Locklear (16-900)
Untimely Notice of Appeal; Rule 4; Dismissal

State v. Martin (16-795)
Ineffective Assistance of Counsel, Satellite-based Monitoring, Grady v North Carolina, Motion for Appropriate Relief

State v. McCaster (16-640)
Jury Instructions; Self Defense; Plain Error; Motion for Appropriate Relief; Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

State v. McNair (16-1006)
Sufficiency of Indictment; Stipulation of Prior Convictions.

State v. Nettles (16-923)
Motion to Dismiss; Petition for Writ of Certiorari; Identity of Perpetrator

State v. Palm (16-831)
first degree kidnapping; attempted common law robbery; separate restraint or asportation; IAC per se claim

State v. Perry (16-722)
Sentencing; Mitigated Range; Harmless Error

State v. Ramey (16-876)
Statutory Rape; Mistake of Age; Jury Instruction

State v. Valentine (16-427)
motion to suppress; exigent circumstances

State v. Walker (16-794)
motion to suppress; search and seizure

State v. Williams (16-686)
Constructive Possession; Lesser-included Offense; Possession of Cocaine

Stonewall Constr. Servs., LLC v. Frosty Parrott Burlington, LLC (16-982)
Interlocutory appeal

The Cherry Cmty. Org. v. Stonehunt, LLC (16-905)
Interlocutory appeal, cancellation lis pendens, substantial right

The L. Firm Of Michael A. Demayo, LLP v. Schwaba L. Firm (16-899)
Attorney's fees; quantum meruit

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